Balforests CIA LTDA is a company with a high degree of environmental and social responsibility with the firm conviction that investment in the medium and long term will allow us to benefit our environment through the generation of jobs, economic development and the creation of sustainable and sustainable projects for the community constantly; We are working on mitigating the possible impacts that may be generated by our activities.

BALFORESTS has identified three important axes:

1) Environmental Axis: Our technical team takes care that the environmental impact is mitigated and takes care of the environmental resources of the areas of influence to our projects. ¹

2) Economic Axis: Local economic revitalization is achieved through the generation of sources of employment.

3) Social Axis: We focus community work through contributions, donations and participation with different social actors for the benefit of local and non-local residents.


BALFORESTS Cía. Ltda., Is a company committed to sustainable forest management, and compliance with current legislation, integrating risk prevention and protection of people at all levels, complying with environmental responsibility and good relations with the community . In addition, the company has the document of self-adhesion to the FSC values ​​signed by the General Manager, with which we guarantee a work based on the quality of the processes, compliance with commitments and evaluation of indicators, leading us towards business excellence.



  1. The forestry objectives of Balforests Cía. Ltda. Are an integral part of the company's forestry policy.

  2. Generate employment by promoting the improvement of the quality of life and protecting the labor rights of our collaborators.

  3. Increase the area of ​​forest management plantations in order to use sustainable forest products.

  4. Support positive economic, social and environmental links for proper management of relationships between the community and the company.

  5. Respect the current national regulations. Prevent and mitigate the environmental impacts of forestry operations.

1 Forest management units (UMF): Hacienda Bonanza, Hacienda Rancho Loma Linda y Finca Emilia