• GRUPO BALSEBOT has integrated the corporate and operational perspectives to stress the organization towards the achievement of objectives, the bases of a sustainable production and the transformation of the raw material are aimed at meeting high quality standards. In addition, we have established assisted reforestation systems, which makes us direct producers without intermediaries, production plants equipped with state-of-the-art technology and storage warehouses in strategic points that allow us to comply with the obligations acquired nationally and internationally. Our goal is to satisfy the demand of our customers.

  • Grupo Balsebot seeks to establish itself in the international market, with national and international strategies this through a vertical integration of its processes added to the social responsibility that commits us to establish production logistics and a service design that allows us to improve construction. From the international and local service network, Grupo Balsebot insists that our own brands promote a successful path to strengthen our vision "to be a recognized organization in the international market".


  • Grupo Balsebot manufactures high quality balsa wood products complying with current legal regulations and under the requirements requested by the client. Characterized by our highly committed, trained work team, complying with social responsibility through environmental reforestation and using state-of-the-art technology for the elaboration of our product.